amotIQ automotive has developed a system for the inventory management of empties containers in collaboration with its customer Daimler.
The main objective of this application is, to ensure and keep track of the empties inventory of one of the major overseas consolidation centers.

In order to further improve the inventory quality in the empties hall, various measures were taken. One of these is the establishment of four i-points where the transfers to the empties warehouse are carried out. The empties warehouse is equipped with empty load carriers from the packing halls, return goods containers with empties from the foreign assembly plants, new deliveries of load carriers from the carrier manufacturers and return deliveries from suppliers. The small load carriers (KLTs) are thereby stacked to truck transport optimized empties containers and temporarily stored until dispatch. The suppliers of technical materials are supplied with empties from this stock, as needed.

More than 8,000 load carrier movements with more than 500 different carrier numbers are handled every day in the empties hall.

The new amotIQ tool makes it easier for employees to manage empty packaging, request and print packaging labels and book carrier movements in the higher-level SAP system. This ensures a high charge carrier turnover with a maximum inventory security.