New front woman at amotIQ automotive

From now on, amotIQ automotive in Heilbronn has a new colleague: Tanja Nickel.
At the place where all the threads converge, Ms. Nickel will support our managing directors and the team in a friendly, competent and reliable manner. She is also the first point of contact for all customers, business partners and employees of amotIQ automotive. She succeeds Petra Fischer, who left amotIQ at the beginning of the year for a well-deserved retirement.
We are looking forward to a good cooperation and welcome Tanja Nickel warmly!

amotIQ again exclusive sponsor of HHN Racing

In the fourth year, amotIQ automotive is in 2019 again sponsoring the Formula Student Team of the University of Applied Sciences in Heilbronn.
For this reason, we had a visit from the new HHN Racing project management before Christmas. On Friday, December 14, 2018, our internship student Albert Renz as well as Tim Herkenhoff and Simon Schwärzle from HHN Racing presented numbers and facts about the old and new racing team season 2018 and 2019. In the presence of CEO Peter Heidecke and Frank Mysliwitz and the students from the Heilbronn University amotIQ and HHN Racing both parties jointly signed the new sponsorship contract for 2019. Satisfied faces on both sides and a good feeling for the new season!
We look forward to a continued good relationship between amotIQ and HHN Racing and to the new race car and the new 2019 Formula Student Season as well …



amotIQ selected special on RobotIQs

A very special year awaits our employees, customers and business partners in 2019.
amotIQ automotive will be 20 years old and our partners in Saarbrücken, Bonn and Düsseldorf will have their 15th anniversary.
That´s why our amotIQ selected Special on the 8th of February in our super jubilee year 2019  is something very special .

XtaSi LTMS – the amotIQ Inventory Management Tool for Empties Management

amotIQ automotive has developed a system for the inventory management of empties containers in collaboration with its customer Daimler.
The main objective of this application is, to ensure and keep track of the empties inventory of one of the major overseas consolidation centers.

In order to further improve the inventory quality in the empties hall, various measures were taken. One of these is the establishment of four i-points where the transfers to the empties warehouse are carried out. The empties warehouse is equipped with empty load carriers from the packing halls, return goods containers with empties from the foreign assembly plants, new deliveries of load carriers from the carrier manufacturers and return deliveries from suppliers. The small load carriers (KLTs) are thereby stacked to truck transport optimized empties containers and temporarily stored until dispatch. The suppliers of technical materials are supplied with empties from this stock, as needed.

More than 8,000 load carrier movements with more than 500 different carrier numbers are handled every day in the empties hall.

The new amotIQ tool makes it easier for employees to manage empty packaging, request and print packaging labels and book carrier movements in the higher-level SAP system. This ensures a high charge carrier turnover with a maximum inventory security.

Youth meets experience

Visit to the amotIQ headquarters on October 4, 2018. The old and the new board of HHN Racing e.V. visits sponsor partner amotIQ automotive for a first encounter, friendly meeting, exchange of experience and to have breakfast together.

Mike Guthmann and Viktor Renz handed over their duties to Tim Herkenhoff and Simon Schwärzle for the 2018/19 season. How fruitful the cooperation between the students and amotIQ automotive is is shown by Albert Renz, amotIQ trainee, student at Heilbronn University of Applied Sciences and team member at HHN Racing.

As a little motivation for the new racing season, amotIQ presents ist visitors of HHN Racing with race car “Emily” on canvas –  as a memory of the successful joint past season.


First dual student at amotIQ automotive

Since the beginning of winter semester 2018/19, amotIQ has been training partner of  DHBW Mosbach. First DHBW student, Yannick Haas from Mosbach, starts at amotIQ automotive in Heilbronn in October 2018 . First, however, Yannick has to complete his first theoretical semester of business informatics at the University, before he plunges his practice semester on 24 December as a “process consultant in training”.

Peter Heidecke: “In our first in-house trainings and also at our Employee Summer Party, we met our young colleague and also gave him the opportunity to meet his new colleagues – not only the old hands, but also the many young employees, new at amotIQ this year. We are convinced that we have made exactly the right decision with Mr. Haas! ”

Before joining amotIQ, the dual student studied at the University of Würzburg for a few semesters. As a practitioner, however, he feels better off in practice than in theory. That suits amotIQ!
The whole amotIQ team wishes Yannick a good start into his first semester and a sustainable and fruitful collaboration at amotIQ.

amotIQ at Formula Student 2018

amotIQ automotive participated in the Formula Student Germany 2018 in Hockenheim where Mike Guthmann-  for HHN Racing –  drove the best time in autocross on August 11, 2018 .

But not only that! As a sponsor, amotIQ got the opportunity to experience highly committed students in the competition on site. amotIQ experienced an exciting atmosphere at the Hockenheim Ring live and had good discussions with the students and other sponsors. And all that, in beautiful weather!

It was good to see that many amotIQ customers and business partners support the students as much as we do!
And although “our” team did not make it to the finish in the last round of the Formula Student Germany 2018 Hockenheim, HHN Racing had a successful season. For amotIQ, the relationship with this very special Team does not end at this point. In rhe Picture below, in the race car, you can see Albert Renz, our student and colleague in his internship semester 2018/19.

Picture © FSG Maru
This year, racing cars with combustion engines, as well as electric vehicles and driverless cars competed against each other at the Hockenheim Ring.
In the Video below, the HHN Racing driver drives 79.71 seconds – an impressive result.



amotIQ Roadrunners running again

amotIQ automotive Roadrunners attend company run for the 9th time. 

At this year’s Stimme Firmenlauf – 10th Anniversary, our dream team improved from position 558 to position 316  in the mixed teams category.
In a tropical heat of over 30 degrees, Peter Heidecke, Jochen Zeising, Albert Renz and Nelly Swiebocki-Kisling arrived to the finish line well – a good reason to be proud!

Despite the heat, more than 7,500 runners took part in the run. More than 20,000 people stood along the track and cheered us vigorously.
The Stimme Firmenlauf is an annual recurrent team running competition, with four participants running for each team at a time. The distance to be covered in Heilbronn is about 5.75 km and leads through the Wertwiesenpark, along the Neckar and through the city center of Heilbronn.

This year amotIQ automotive participated for the 9th time. In 2019 we will celebrate our own 10th anniversary, this time maybe with two running teams?
Many thanks to the whole amotIQ automotive Roadrunner Team for participating.

More information at


That’s what motivated runners look like!

Ideally positioned for the future

We congratulate our colleague Klaus Cholewczynski for granting his position as single proxy.
The entire amotIQ team is proud of its longtime colleague.

In terms of human recources this decision marks a further step towards the future of amotIQ automotive.

The registration became effective in the commercial register Stuttgart on July 10, 2018 .

Congratulations to the Master, Jan-Niklas Dresbach!

We congratulate our colleague Jan-Niklas Dresbach on the successfully completed Master’s program.

Our working student has successfully completed his Master’s Degree in Rotterdam. Since September 2017 he has been studying in parallel to his work for amotIQ. Our colleague is now part of the amotIQ-Team again – in full time and with immediate effect. Jan-Niklas Dresbach’s specialty for amotIQ is the fast and effective implementation of IT requirements in Excel by automating processes using MS VBA.

Jan-Niklas Dresbach already spent his Bachelor of Science in the International Business Administration (Cum Laude!) Degree program at the Rotterdam School of Management of the Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Netherlands. From July to August 2017, after completing his studies, he supported his amotIQ automotive   colleagues in the DAG project, where he automated the reporting for which the amotIQ team at Daimler has commissioned and programmed corresponding tools in EXCEL and ACCESS. Even before completing his studies, Jan-Niklas Dresbach was convinced, he would work for amotIQ afterwards.

We are very pleased with his decision. amotIQ gains with him an excellent and practice-oriented colleague.