“we actt” stands for amotIQ creative think tank. At amotIQ automotive the promotion of young talents is not just a buzzword, but has been an essential part of amotIQ’s internal work for about two years. After all, one third, nine of the 27 amotIQ automotive employees, are under 36 years old. Among them are young permanent employees who started as students at amotIQ, colleagues in different teams, some of them in parental leave, DHBW students as well as working students of the Heilbronn University. Dedicated, valuable employees, who not only learn from the old hands, but also move a lot and contribute to the experienced teams.

Therefore we have created a program with the aim to make it easier for young colleagues to start their professional life, to share knowledge, to build networks, to bring new wind and new ideas into the amotIQ world and above all, to offer the new amotIQs a professional home. It is a give and take, a win-win situation for all involved. Or simply “we act!”