Release JITplant 4.0

More flexible, more beautiful, more customer-friendly since 2020

 For more than 20 years, amotIQ has offered JITplant, a flexible, scalable and modular just-in-time and sequence system with highly sensitive assembly control for sequential assembly and picking – specifically for the automotive and manufacturing industries worldwide. With the latest release 4.0, amotIQ JITplant adapts to the current needs of customers.

Peter Heidecke: “JITplant is more than a simple JIT/JIS software. JITplant maps all JIS processes in logistics and production and fits seamlessly into any existing infrastructure, can be used as a stand-alone solution or in combination with other systems.” In 2013, amotIQ automotive ported JITplant’s proven functionalities to the latest version of Microsoft’s .NET Framework. amotIQ JITplant 3.0 thus met the increasingly complex requirements and constantly evolving technology. With 4.0 JITplant is more customer-friendly than ever.

Basically, the innovations are divided into three areas: Innovations in coding, innovations in style and new development dashboard. The first live demo of the newly developed dashboard already took place in September 2019 at amotIQ selected in Heilbronn.

“Innovations in Coding”

The inline compiler generates source code at program runtime, flexibly extending our programs. Also new is the EDI Generator – the dialog for dynamically creating and changing various EDIs in the process. With the EDI Parser, it is now possible to dynamically read in a wide variety of EDIs with the help of regular expressions.

Another innovation is the JIT ServiceController: a ServiceHost created with WCF (Windows Communication Foundation), which provides the connected and “listening” programs with changed customizing variables or the workbasket data.

And last but not least, an automatic update is also new: current versions of the programs are loaded into the database and each program updates itself on startup.

 “New development Dashboard

With Grafana as a monitoring platform, Plug & Play at the customer’s site is now child’s play for the JITplant team using a Raspberry Pi. Flexible graphical representation of data is possible depending on customer requirements. Everyone who visited selected in Heilbronn in September was able to get a first impression during the first live demo.

“Innovations in Style”

JITplant is now available with a renewed icon set and color scheme. Also new are the new SplashScreen, the toolbar and a user-friendly tile design for program selection. But also the central masks, which are necessary e.g. for the Workbasket and the data processing, were revised up-to-date.