JOST International and amotIQ: Successful project for major truck manufacturer in the USA

amotIQ automotive received the order from JOST International to set up the sequencing processes for one of the leading truck producers in the USA. After numerous successful projects by JOST and amotIQ in Germany and the USA, JOST International had now taken over the sequencing for the customer, which had previously been carried out by a competitor, and wanted IT support with process experience. Frank Brandt, Strategic Supply Chain Manager at JOST: “We have quite a complex process here, where we produce across several manufacturing stages with reference to the chassis number. JOST supplies four of the customer’s locations, some of which have quite specific sequencing requirements.”


To fulfill the order, NC data provided by the customer to amotIQ and JOST was checked for existence and transferred to the company’s own MES system. A particular challenge here was the high variance in combinations of fifth wheel couplings (JOST and Non-JOST) as well as so-called Angles, on which these are mounted and mapped via production versions and service packs. Thanks to various plausibility checks in the JIS process as well as in the MES system, a high level of process reliability and error prevention can be achieved.


Frank Brandt: “From our point of view, the project has been very successful. The JIS process was implemented by JOST and amotIQ on schedule and without errors.” And amotIQ developer and consultant Achim Muth adds: “The cooperation with Mr. Brandt from JOST works excellently because he has the technical overview and knows what has to be done – and amotIQ supports process-experienced and routinely.”


Currently, the JOST/amotIQ team is planning an extension of the JIS process for the customer to map additional components.


More about our customer JOST International can be found here: