Congratulations to the Master, Jan-Niklas Dresbach!

We congratulate our colleague Jan-Niklas Dresbach on the successfully completed Master’s program.

Our working student has successfully completed his Master’s Degree in Rotterdam. Since September 2017 he has been studying in parallel to his work for amotIQ. Our colleague is now part of the amotIQ-Team again – in full time and with immediate effect. Jan-Niklas Dresbach’s specialty for amotIQ is the fast and effective implementation of IT requirements in Excel by automating processes using MS VBA.

Jan-Niklas Dresbach already spent his Bachelor of Science in the International Business Administration (Cum Laude!) Degree program at the Rotterdam School of Management of the Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Netherlands. From July to August 2017, after completing his studies, he supported his amotIQ automotive   colleagues in the DAG project, where he automated the reporting for which the amotIQ team at Daimler has commissioned and programmed corresponding tools in EXCEL and ACCESS. Even before completing his studies, Jan-Niklas Dresbach was convinced, he would work for amotIQ afterwards.

We are very pleased with his decision. amotIQ gains with him an excellent and practice-oriented colleague.