Career at amotIQ

Our former students are now Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)
We are proud of all our colleagues – and even more so if we were able to accompany them during their training. Following Albert Renz, who successfully completed his studies at Heilbronn University in April, our two DHBW students Yannick Haas and Robin Dörschuck have now also completed their Bachelor’s studies. All three colleagues now hold the title of Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) and are permanent employees at amotIQ automotive.

A career at amotIQ can happen very quickly if you are committed and qualified. Our former working student Albert Renz has been in charge of tool development at the company since October. Since April he is employed as IT-Consultant & Developer. He received his promotion after only half a year, just in time for his 24th birthday. This makes him currently the youngest employee in the company – and already in a management position.

Yannick Haas has been a permanent employee at amotIQ automotive since October: “I had already signed my employment contract in my 4th semester and had been looking forward to this day ever since. Actually, a master’s degree was also planned, but I realize more and more that I enjoy the practice much more than the theory. The study contents are more or less outdated compared to what we do with amotIQ IQaRS.”

Robin Dörschuck has also been a permanent member of the amotIQ team since October. His bachelor thesis will support the work of amotIQ and its customers: “It is planned to provide an abbreviated version of my bachelor thesis to the colleagues at the customer so that they can better understand the forecasting method used so far. The work will provide a basis for future adjustments and changes to the forecasting method.”

We wish all three colleagues all the best and a continued successful cooperation in the amotIQ team.