Proportion of amotIQ automotive employees U30 continues growing

Heilbronn, April 19, 2018: From September 2018 on, two students will be trained by amotIQ automotive in Heilbronn. Yannick Haas starts his studies of Business Informatics at the DHBW Mosbach and will be working at amotIQ from December onwards. Albert Renz, Software Engineering student in his fifth semester at Heilbronn University, completes his practical semester at amotIQ in Heilbronn. With both students, the proportion of under 30 year olds in the company is at 20%.

With previous student Jan-Niklas Dresbach, who joined amotIQ automotive and the amotIQ Daimler team in Sindelfingen in 2016 and who started working for amotIQ in July 2018 after completing his master studies in Holland, the share of young employees has been below 30 since the summer of 2017, amotIQ has grown by another five colleagues, three men and two women. As an expert, amotIQ knows, that the automotive industry needs well-trained young talent. Managing Director Peter Heidecke: “We are very pleased to pass on our practical knowledge to our young colleagues ans, at the same time, benefit from their experience. We are merging for our customers and business partners. We send the signal: amotIQ is preparing for the future and taking responsibility by training young people to become the next top generation of consultants for the automotive industry. ”

The balanced mix of many years of practical experience and new ideas and approaches from the University, as well as a lively and open exchange between all employees is still important for the IT consulting company. Heidecke: “That´s how we always stay in tune with modernity and directly get informed about the direction in which science is developing – to the benefit of our consulting customers.”

About amotIQ
amotIQ automotive GmbH was founded on December 12,1999 and ist specialized in international process consulting and IT development services for manufacturers, suppliers and service providers in the automotive and manufacturing industries. Peter Heidecke, Andreas Prescher and Frank Mysliwitz are the Managing Directors. On July 10, 2018 Klaus Cholewczynski additionally became Single Proxi at amotIQ.
amotIQ is an expert in automotive logistics with and without SAP and, in addition to consulting, also offers SAP add ons and, with JITplant, its own independent MES software solution. Since 2012, the amotIQ automotive head office, with currently 25 employees, is located in QBig, Heilbronn. The amotIQ group is a union of five internationally active companies, which succeed in different products and services. Members of amotIQ since 2004 are: amotIQ automotive (Heilbronn), amotIQ solutions (Saarbrücken), amotIQ services (Saarbrücken), amotIQ systemberatung (Munich) and eilersconsulting (Düsseldorf).