amotIQ supports project School Fruit in Heilbronn

The Martin Luther Kindergarten in Heilbronn and Future Sport were looking for supporters and amotIQ automotive is happy to support this good project. Future Sport: “Without such socially committed entrepreneurs like you, additional special projects at kindergartens and schools would hardly be possible.”

Unfortunately, due to a lack of funds and grants, financial resources for kindergartens and schools are only available for the most necessary purchases, which is why special requirements and wishes are cancelled due to a lack of resources and funds. Thanks to a sponsorship, children can be regularly provided with fruit and vegetables – a project that aims to re-introduce children to healthy eating. Children are increasingly suffering from obesity, and healthy food can sometimes no longer be provided at home due to low wages and a lack of time on the part of parents.

When it comes to the well-being of children in the region, amotIQ automotive is happy to sponsor good projects!