amotIQ JITplant team got female access. Birgit Lanzl strengthens the team since January 2019 . The young colleague has many years of experience in the development of software applications where she provides support and introduces the software. As an Oracle expert she is also familiar with the development of programs with WEB surfaces and is so a valuable extension of the know-how for our very experienced JITplant team. As a consultant and developer, our new female reinforcement and development will help us translate our JITplant into the new visual interface.
We warmly welcome Birgit Lanzl and look forward to a good cooperation with her.
As of today, 30 colleagues work for amotIQ automotive. Of which nine, almost a third, is female. Six colleagues are under 35 years old – one of them a DHBW student, a second a student in the internship semester and a third one a working student.