amotIQ consultants are really into it!

On February 18, ten amotIQ automotive consultants got ready for the trips to the customers by completing a driver´s training course at the “Kreisverkehrswacht Heilbronn”. After all, the amotIQ experts are often on site, at the customer’s and thus constantly on the road, on all German and European roads.

In the best spring weather, they learned to recognize and avoid many dangers in good time, as well as driving techniques to deal with dangers. The intensive training was led by driving instructor Anton Hopf, who provided a lot of aha moments with a lot of experience and fun. The training of the optimal braking was practiced on dry and wet roads and on different road surfaces, in curves and obstacles. Dodging, steering and cornering as well as the interception of the escaping car were exciting topics of the entertaining afternoon.

Driver coach Anton Hopf from Heilbronn safety training certified our consultants that they have “really got it!” A praise that made our amotIQ experts particularly happy.
In summer 2019 the course for advanced follows.